How we recognise your gift

RCM students performing in RCM Opera Studio's Il mondo della luna
We are grateful to everyone who has chosen to remember the Royal College of Music in their Will. We appreciate that leaving a legacy gift is a personal decision that you may prefer to keep private, but we would love the opportunity to thank you if you are happy to share your intentions with us.

It also helps us ensure we will be able to accommodate your wishes and that you will be remembered appropriately. 

In February 2019, the RCM launched our legacy society, the RCM Legacy Ensemble. This recognises the generosity of those who pledge a gift to the RCM in their Wills and celebrates the life-changing impact of the legacy gifts we receive.

As a member of the RCM Legacy Ensemble, you will receive frequent updates on our work, the RCM tie or badge, and regular invitations to special events, including our annual 'legacy lunch'. We recognise all legacy gifts in line with levels for lifetime gifts and have various naming opportunities. Scholarships can take the legator’s name (or any name of your choosing) and, for scholarship legacy gifts over £300,000, can be invested in our endowment fund so they can be awarded in perpetuity. We also have various room-naming opportunities. Please do contact us to discuss these. 

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