How we recognise your gift

A group of students, wearing costumes, singing on stage in an opera performance of 'Barnum's Bird'.
We are immensely grateful for the numerous legacies that have been generously bestowed upon us throughout the years, enabling us to advance the visionary goals set forth by our founders in 1882. We would be honoured to welcome you into our esteemed community of supporters.

In 2019, we established the RCM Legacy Ensemble to express our gratitude to individuals who have made a commitment to include a gift for the Royal College of Music in their Wills. This ensemble pays tribute to the increasing number of supporters who share our vision of securing the future of music and celebrates the transformative impact their generous gifts will have. Moreover, it provides an avenue for like-minded individuals to stay informed about our ongoing endeavours.

Your generous contribution will be recognised in various meaningful ways. As a member of the RCM Legacy Ensemble, you will receive regular information about our ongoing work, invitations to unique events, and access to behind-the-scenes activities. We look forward to sharing further details and engaging with you as part of this distinguished ensemble.

Please join us and request a physical copy of our legacy pledge form or download an online copy, complete it, and return it to the RCM. We celebrate the profound impact of legacy gifts with bespoke recognition, which can take the form of named scholarships or named spaces. For more information, and to discuss in memory giving, please contact us.

Get in touch

For further information on legacy pledges and to discuss in memory giving, please contact Natalie Matias, Development Manager (Legacies and Individual Giving).

Natalie Matias

Development Manager (Legacies and Individual Giving)

+44 (0)20 7591 4761

Online Legacy Pledge Form

To let us know your intentions you can either request a legacy brochure or fill out our online Legacy Pledge Form.

Online Legacy Pledge Form

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