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Outgoing exchanges

Sydney Opera House, Australia
Exchanges are an excellent opportunity for Royal College of Music students to broaden their horizons by getting to know another city, its language and its culture. They also provide an opportunity to study with a new teacher and to develop new contacts that can help advance your future career as a musician. 

We have a large number of exchanges available with leading European, American, Japanese and Australian music conservatories and universities. These exchanges provide an excellent opportunity to study abroad at other revered institutions as part of your RCM studies. 

Many students who take advantage of such opportunties make connections that enable them to work overseas when they graduate from the RCM, often launching international careers.

The RCM is a member of the Erasmus programme, a European Union initiative that promotes exchange of knowledge and learning throughout Europe. As a member, we receive funding to support students who choose to go on a European exchange while they are registered at the RCM.

Most European Erasmus exchanges are for a period of three months from September to December, while American and Australian exchanges can be for one term or a full year.

Students undertaking Erasmus exchanges receive monthly grants to help with the extra costs incurred, with the support of the Commission of the European Communities within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme.