Research projects

A male student, with glasses, editing a score in the library
The Royal College of Music's body of active research projects changes regularly, reflecting the expertise of our researchers and addressing some of the most pressing questions in music today. 

Our research centres pull together related projects in key areas of investigation. However, the RCM maintains a supportive and imaginative research environment, welcoming projects that fall outside the scope of these centres.

Featured projects

Below is a selection of research projects. A full list of currently active and recently completed projects is available in the menu.

Research centres

Centre for Performance Science

The Centre for Performance Science is an ambitious collaboration between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College, aimed at tackling major challenges of performance across a wide array of domains. Both institutions are uniquely positioned to undertake this activity, with partnerships spanning the arts, medicine engineering, natural sciences and business.

Our vision is that, by understanding how skilled performers meet the distinctive challenges of their work, often under intense stress and public scrutiny, performance will serve both as a source of inspiration and a rich resource for research.

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