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Dr Jennie Henley

Jennie Henley is Area Leader for Music Education at the Royal College of Music, London. Her role involves developing music education provision for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and steering music education research.  

Her research interests cross over music education and community music, with a focus on the ways that teachers and facilitators work inclusively in different contexts. Her first research strand focuses on music in prisons. She has conducted a sequence of studies looking at the social and emotional development of incarcerated people who participate in specific music programmes. These studies explore the musical learning processes that lead to reported positive social and emotional development, and most recently the pedagogy that underpins a music programme that engages diverse people in social music making.

Her second research strand is centred on the musical starting points of primary generalist student teachers who are beginning to teach classroom music. As well as contributing to understandings of the ways that younger adults engage in music making, this research aims to provide insight into the ways that generalist teachers can draw on their musicianship in the classroom to model music making at an everyday level.  

She has worked on a number of funded research and evaluation projects including a large DCSF Music Partnership Project, a national KS2 CPD programme, a Cormenius funded European Music Portfolio project, and a DfE funded Primary Music ITE project. Recently her research has led to a Good Vibrations Youth Music funded series of CPD workshops on Effective Facilitation, she has been awarded an AHRC Research Network grant to interrogate the notions of excellence and inclusion in music programmes that seek to achieve social as well as musical outcomes, and she continues to provide consultancy for curriculum design and development at a national and international level. 

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