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Professor Aaron Williamon


Aaron Williamon is Professor of Performance Science at the Royal College of Music, where he directs the Centre for Performance Science, a partnership of the RCM and Imperial College London. His research focuses on skilled performance and applied scientific initiatives that inform music learning and teaching, as well as the impact of music and the arts on society.

Aaron is founder of the International Symposium on Performance Science, chief editor of Performance Science (a specialty section of Frontiers) and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). In 2008, he was elected an Honorary Member of the Royal College of Music (HonRCM).

Selected publications

Ascenso S, Perkins R, Atkins L, Fancourt D, & Williamon A (forthcoming), Promoting wellbeing through group drumming with mental health service users and their carers, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Health and Well-being.

Perkins R & Williamon A (forthcoming), Creative leadership-in-action through a conservatoire-based MSc in Performance Science, in D Bennett, JL Rowley, & PK Schmidt (eds.), Leadership in, and through, Music Education, Routledge.

Waddell G, Perkins R, & Williamon A (forthcoming), Making an impression: error location and repertoire features affect performance quality rating processes, Music Perception.

Cruder C, Falla D, Mangili F, Azzimonti L, Araújo L, Williamon A, & Barbero M (2018), Profiling the location and extent of musicians’ pain using digital pain drawings, Pain Practice, 18, 53-66 [DOI] [VIDEO].

Araújo L, Wasley D, Perkins R, Atkins L, Redding E, Ginsborg J, & Williamon A (2017), Fit to perform: an investigation of higher education music students’ perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors toward health, Frontiers in Psychology, 8 (1558), 1-19 [DOI] [VIDEO].

Ascenso S, Williamon A, & Perkins R (2017), Understanding the psychological wellbeing of professional musicians through the lens of positive psychology, Psychology of Music, 45, 65-81 [DOI].

Aufegger L, Perkins R, Wasley D, & Williamon A (2017), Musicians’ perceptions and experiences of using simulation training to develop performance skills, Psychology of Music, 45, 417-431 [DOI].

Chanwimalueang T, Aufegger L, Adjei T, Wasley D, Cruder C, Mandic DP, & Williamon A (2017), Stage call: cardiovascular reactivity to audition stress in musicians, PLOS One, 12 (e0176023), 1-14 [DOI] [VIDEO].




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Latest Publications

Williamon, A. (2017) Stage call: cardiovascular reactivity to audition stress in musicians. PLOS ONE, 12 (4). pp. 1-14. ISSN 1932-6203

Williamon, A. (2016) Music regulators in two string quartets: a comparison of communicative behaviors between low- and high-stress performance conditions. Frontiers in Psychology, 7 (1229). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1664-1078

Volioti, Georgia and Williamon, A. (2016) Recordings as learning and practising resources for performance: exploring attitudes and behaviours of music students and professionals. Musicae Scientiae.

Ascenso, S. and Williamon, A. and Perkins, R. (2015) Understanding the wellbeing of professional musicians through the lens of Positive Psychology. Psychology of Music. ISSN 0305-7356 (In Press)


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