Our Vision

More Music: Reimagining the Royal College of Music’s Campaign has at its heart a new vision of access and excellence to safeguard and enhance the future of music. Our plans will touch all aspects of the RCM: teaching, student experience, research, innovation, public engagement, together with the vital infrastructure, both physical and technological, that supports all of these.  

The Campaign will allow us to increase access to music and strengthen our facilities. We will invest in new performance and practice spaces, create an interactive museum for our collections and expand our scholarship and bursary programmes.



We have four campaign goals:


Strengthen our Facilities

Throughout the RCM’s 130-year history some of the world’s most exceptional musicians have been taught and trained in our elegant Victorian building.

We will develop new state-of-the-art facilities within the main campus at Prince Consort Road, complementing our existing spaces and opening up the entrance to the building to facilitate access to our events and collections.‌

Our plans will create:

  • two new performance spaces to support our offering of over 500 public events a year, including rehearsals, masterclasses, performances, community workshops and exhibitions
  • additional practice rooms for our students
  • a permanent and accessible home for the Royal College of Music Museum
  • a new café and courtyard area
  • a reconfigured SU bar
  • enhanced step-free access for students and visitors
  • a new organ in our Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

Support the Most Talented

Philanthropy has always played an important role in the RCM’s history. The College was founded on the principles of giving and set out to offer scholarships that would enable the most talented students to receive the highest level of music education, regardless of their financial situation.

Scholarships for Talent
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are currently able to offer 50% of our students financial assistance towards their studies. Through the More Music Campaign we aim to increase our scholarship provision over the next five years to support 75% of students.


'Despite our financial status and no musical knowledge, RCM Sparks has given both our children and the family as a whole the opportunity to engage in music-making.'

Parent of an RCM Sparks Student


Widen Access

Ensuring the best possible experience for our visitors is just one aspect of public outreach. In addition to improving the experience for members of the public visiting our building, we will invest in online distance learning initiatives and install advanced recording facilities.‌

Bursaries for Potential
Every Saturday, 400 highly talented students up to the age of 18 attend the Royal College of Music Junior Department, many travelling for hours each weekend to receive one-to-one tuition. The RCM believes financial difficulties should not prevent any child from studying music and offers a limited number of bursaries for those who cannot afford the fees. The More Music Campaign will increase our Junior Bursaries Fund to nurture early potential.

Access to our Collections
Our internationally significant collection of musical instruments, works of art and manuscripts is the most substantial research resource relating to the history of music held by any UK conservatoire and is used regularly in teaching at the College and in the wider London community. A digitisation project will allow audiences to discover our collections online and offer online teaching resources and our new Royal College of Music Museum will showcase our collections and offer a dedicated learning and engagement room.

Music in the Community
The Campaign will also support our ground-breaking learning and participation programme, RCM Sparks. In 2014/15, this initiative saw 3,000 school children and 700 members of the community access music-making workshops. Our Sparks Juniors programme encouraged children from underrepresented groups in the local area to access music via the excellent teaching and learning resources at the College.

Promote Innovation

Academic Initiatives
Enquiry, discovery and innovation is central to the learning experience at the Royal College of Music. Our research environment enables students at all levels of study to work alongside leading professors in music education, performance researchers, scholars and scientists. The More Music Campaign will allow us to further invest in musical research, creating doctoral studentships and post-doctoral research fellowships.

Digital Futures
With advances in technology, we are looking at innovative ways to support the student learning experience, and engage with new audiences across the globe. The Campaign will allow us to develop online learning resources and provide a virtual collection of our manuscripts and historic items allowing us to expand our reach as a truly global conservatoire.


You can find more information about our campaign in the document below.

More Music: Reimagining the Royal College of Music (2,989 kb)


Donate Now

If you would like to help support More Music: Reimagining the Royal College of Music, please click here to make a donation. 


Julian Lloyd Webber


'As a student at the Royal College of Music, I experienced the rich history of inspirational music teaching. The new plans are a necessary part of the next phase in the RCM’s development.'

Alfie Boe


'These plans will greatly enhance the facilities for students and visitors alike.'

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