Nicola Benedetti


'I am thrilled to hear of the Royal College of Music's plans to develop its facilities.'

Lord Black, RCM Chairman


'Together we can complete the transformation of our College, and make sure its future – a future of More Music – is as dynamic and exciting as its distinguished past'

Transforming the RCM

Our plans will transform the Royal College of Music campus, developing state of the art facilities to complement our existing spaces and facilitating access to key areas of the RCM for students, staff and visitors.

Our development will offer:

  • Two new flexible performance spaces
  • Additional practice space
  • A new Royal College of Music Museum
  • A new organ in our Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall
  • Improved access between our key public spaces
  • Additional recording and broadcast capability
  • New visitor facilities and welcoming public spaces
  • Enhanced step free access

Installing the new organ

The RCM commissioned a new organ from world-renowned Flentrop Orgelbouw, which was custom-built to complement the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall in design and sound.

Replacing an older instrument that had been in service for a century, the new Royal College of Music organ is in recognition of James Zheng Huang HonRCM, generously supported by the Kingdom Music Education Group, with additional support from The Hon Richard Lyttelton & Romilly Lyttelton, Jane Wilson and John Ward.

Our building project progresses

March 2017

The courtyard in its existing form was last used as a public space during the Spring Term of 2017. It was cleared before Easter, ready for the builders to arrive and begin the transformation.

Equipment was lifted into the site to begin preliminary work.

April 2017

A portion of the courtyard was prepared with a crane base in readiness for the beginning of the demolition and construction phases.


June 2017

Professor Robert Winston, then RCM Chairman, officially broke ground on the building works. RCM musicians provided ceremonial fanfare and architect John Simpson, Raymond Gilroy from the building firm Gilbert-Ash and RCM Director Professor Colin Lawson were present for the occasion.

With the building works officially under way, it was time to lift a giant tower crane over the roof of our iconic Blomfield Building and into the courtyard.

Crane in place, we began lifting heavier machinery into the site and works started in earnest.

July 2017

Demolition work began in summer. The museum building, which has been a feature of the courtyard since the late 1960s, was one of the first structures to be taken down. The walkway running across its roof, which linked the main Blomfield Building with the South Building was also dismantled.

August 2017

By August the museum building and the walkway had been demolished, along with with several other smaller buildings and passageways.

October 2017

As the Autumn Term got underway, a new temporary walkway to the South Building was installed and the demolition phase was completed.

November 2017

Many tonnes of rubble and earth were removed from the site throughout the end of 2017, as piling and preparatory groundworks continued.

May 2018

Excavation took place throughout spring 2018 and by May the new spaces had begun to take shape.


Contact the More Music team

If you would like further information about the campaign, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Lang Lang


'All pioneering cultural and educational institutions must continue to evolve. I send my best wishes to my friends at the RCM and wholeheartedly support this wonderful project.'

Vladimir Ashkenazy


'The exciting redevelopment at the RCM will offer the very best performance spaces and opportunities befitting of a world class conservatoire.'

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