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RCM scholarships and awards

Recipients of Big Give scholarships
The RCM currently supports more than 60% of its students through scholarships and awards thanks to the generosity of charitable trusts, companies, businesses, individual members of the public and legacies.

Scholars play a full and active role in the life of the RCM. They also benefit from the long-term personal relationship formed with their donor and the support this can give them through their studies and beyond.

How much financial support is available?

The amount of money available through scholarships and awards varies. It can be for any amount up to the full cost of your tuition fees. Rather than receiving direct payment, scholarships are used to offset your tuition fees.

Students who receive all of their award at the start of their first year still retain the title of ‘RCM Scholar’ for the duration of their course.

Support our students

We are always delighted to hear from organisations and individuals who would like to make donations in support of Royal College Music students.

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Consideration for scholarships

Every student who auditions in person for a place on one of the RCM's performance or composition courses will be considered for a scholarship or study award. Composers who audition by video interview will also be considered.

There is no separate application process.

Eligibility for scholarships is based on merit, which is determined by performance at audition or the strength of portfolio and interview for composers. Unfortunately, the following applicants cannot be considered for scholarships or study awards:

  • Performers who audition by recording
  • Applicants for the Bachelor of Science in Physics and Music Performance
  • Applicants for the Master of Science in Performance Science
  • Applicants for the Master of Education

If you are offered a scholarship or study award you will receive a letter confirming this and the conditions of your award.